Florida Bed Bugs

Florida Bed Bugs

Florida Bed Bugs

Are you bugged by Florida Bed Bugs? Know that you are not alone in this hair-raising predicament concerning the bed bugs here in Florida. The increase in the mass infestation of Florida bed bugs is rising at an alarming rate. How does one stop Florida bed bugs from biting? Below we will discuss the pertinent information for annihilating these blood-sucking vampires.

Florida Bed Bugs Infestation
Six-legged parasitic insects are rapidly taking over Florida. Florida bed bugs are found in the mattress of one’s bed. They feed on live hosts, meaning human beings, while they sleep. How can one stop this mass infestation of Florida bed bugs?

Appearance of Florida Bed Bugs
Florida bed bugs are a light to dark reddish brown with flattened oval torsos. Before a feast the adult bed bug ranges from 1/4 to 5/8 inches in length. After engorging itself the hungry Florida bed bug will nearly double in size. Its swollen body, no longer flattened and oval is elongated and blood-filled having a dull red appearance.

The good news about Florida Bed bugs is that they do not attach themselves to their prey, like ticks do, but rather just before dawn they jump on their warm-blooded host and pierce the skin with an elongated beak containing two tubes: one containing an anesthetic that prevents clotting while causing numbness, and the other is the extraction tube for the breakfast of the Florida bed bugs.

Florida Bed Bug Eating

Florida Bed Bug Eating

Florida Bed Bugs are Small

Florida Bed Bugs are Small

Florida Bed Bug BItes

Florida Bed Bug BItes

Reproduction of Florida Bed Bugs
Female Florida bed bugs drop eggs in batches ranging from 3 to 8 which will hatch in 6 to 14 days expressing an almost translucent nymph that will start feeding as soon as possible. Mother Florida bed bugs can generate from 200 to 500 eggs depending on food availability. The infant, full of blood, will look red to purple in color. Sloughing off their skin five times before reaching full maturity is what the baby Florida bed bugs do in a measly 35 to 48 days. A mature Florida bed bug can live from six months to one whole year on its last meal.

Prevention of Florida Bed Bugs
Since Florida bed bugs like to play hide and seek they are very difficult to conquer. Short of vacating everything in the building and mass chemical fumigation with illegal pesticides, Florida bed bugs take a little time to fully eradicate. It is fortunate that most of Florida has not been invaded by the Tropical bed bug but only by the Common one. Miami has been overwhelmed with both species and Miami bed bugs are leading in the battle on the east coast.

Actions to Take to Prevent Florida Bed Bugs
  1. Call a professional Florida Pest Control Company like Suncoast Pest Control who specializes in Florida Bed Bugs.
  2. Vacuum extensively the mattress paying attention to crevices.
  3. Have the Pest Control Company like Suncoast Pest Control return and complete the exterminating process of the bed bugs.

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