Florida Dog Ticks

Florida Dog Ticks

Florida Dog Tick

Florida dog ticks, Rhipicephalus Sanguineus and Dermacentor Variabilis, can cause skin irritation, loss of vitality and piroplasmosis in household pets. These parasites are also notorious for transmitting Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tulameria and other diseases from animals to humans. An infestation of Florida Ticks in your home can cause serious health problems.

Although only true pest control professionals can guarantee your protections against such potentially harmful parasites, education is always the first line of defense.

About Florida Dog Ticks
Few people realize that Florida dog ticks are not actually insects, but rather much more closely related to spiders and mites. Florida dog ticks have eight legs, are parasitic and feed on the blood of various animals. Of all the species of Florida dog ticks, the brown dog tick and the American dog tick prove the most troublesome.

The brown dog Florida Tick is common throughout the state. These Florida dog ticks rarely attack animals other than canines. The brown dog tick's preference for such a common household pet makes home infestations by these critters quite common.

The American dog tick is also common in Florida, as well as throughout the United States. These Florida dog ticks frequently pester pets and humans alike. They are often encountered by sportsmen and those who work outdoors. Although Florida dog ticks have a strong preference for canines, they will feed on any warmblooded animal.

Florida Dog Ticks Engorged

Florida Dog Ticks Engorged

Florida Dog Tick with Eggs

Florida Dog Tick with Eggs

Florida Dog Ticks Male and Female

Florida Dog Ticks Male and Female

What To Do If Florida Dog Ticks Have Already Infested Your Pet or Home
Florida dog ticks thrive in Florida's subtropical climate. They can be found both in and outside the home and can latch on to a new host through minimal contact. Suncoast Pest Control will carefully inspect your home and property, scrutinizing every crack and crevasse .

The only effective and efficient way to combat Florida dog ticks is with an inspection by Suncoast Pest Control. If you suspect that your home or property has been invaded by Florida dog ticks, call Suncoast immediately!

Schedule a FREE inspection from Suncoast Pest Control and we will keep your home liberated from Florida dog ticks!

Don't take a chance with Florida dog ticks. Call Suncoast Pest Control before it is too late! 1-800-270-3086

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