Florida Roof Rats

Florida Roof Rats

Florida Roof Rats

General Information
Florida Roof Rats, also known as Florida Fruit Rats, have become the worst rodent pests in the state of Florida. These rats were brought as stowaways on the first exploration ships to America and they are of the same species that carried the bubonic plague around the world during the Middle Ages. Today, they act as ideal hosts for murine typhus. Florida roof rats typically reach sexual maturity at three months of age. Once mature, these rats reproduce every three months, birthing up to 40 pups a year.

Florida roof rats are typically 12 to 14 inches in length and weigh approximately one-half pound. The tail is black and grows longer than the head and torso combined. The Florida roof rat has very distinct ears and eyes. The three color combinations seen in Florida roof rats are a black back with a slate gray belly, a gray back with lighter gray belly, and a brownish-gray back with a white or cream colored belly.

There are three simple ways to detect Florida Roof Rats. The first is their distinct feces, which measure a half-inch in length and are banana shaped. Dark smears or rubs are usually a second telltale sign of Florida roof rats, as this usually marks their travel path. The last indication of Florida roof rats is a quarter-sized hole found in fruits that have been hollowed out.

Where They Are Commonly Found
Florida roof rats are omnivorous creatures that are particularly fond of fruit. They often establish themselves in fruit trees. Aside from fruit trees, Florida roof rats commonly nest in attics, piles of debris, and canal banks.

Florida Roof Rat Infestation

Florida Roof Rat Infestation

Florida Roof Rat in Tree

Florida Roof Rat in Tree

Florida Roof Rats in a Gutter

Florida Roof Rats in a Gutter

Controlling Florida Roof Rats
Maintaining your home free of Florida roof rats is a very difficult task for the average homeowner. The most effective way to combat Florida roof rats is with an inspection by Suncoast Pest Control. If you suspect that your home or property has been invaded, call Suncoast immediately and we will help you keep your Florida roof rat related costs to a minimum.

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Donít take that risk! Schedule a thorough inspection from Suncoast Pest Control and we will help you protect your home from Florida Roof Rats!

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