Florida Scorpions

Florida Scorpions

Florida Scorpion

An estimated ten thousand people are stung by scorpions, Orthosterni, each year, with one out of every five victims under the age of six. The neurotoxin contained in the tail of the scorpion is generally nonfatal to humans. However, this poison causes excruciating pain, numbness, muscle twitching and difficulty breathing. Small children are especially susceptible to serious reactions and complications.

Although generally nonlethal, this eight legged crab-like arachnid is an intimidating pest. The creature is commonly found throughout the state of Florida, and will readily invade homes and properties when pursuing a food source. Although generally nonaggressive towards humans, Florida scorpions will attack when provoked. They are attracted to dark, humid environments and are most active at night.

Behavior of Florida Scorpions
Florida scorpions are commonly found under floorboards, in rubbish or debris, in bathroom cabinets, in between bed sheets, or even in boots, socks and shoes. Their affinity for seeking shelter in high traffic areas makes unintentional encounters with Florida scorpions not uncommon. Further raising the risk for an unexpected attack is the nocturnal nature of Florida scorpions. Their natural dark coloring often camouflages them extremely well, even indoors.

These arachnids utilize a complex mating ritual consisting of a “mating dance”, with some even culminating in a prolonged “mating sting”. The female is fertilized by a spermataphore which is placed on a surface by the male, as the female is dragged over it. Florida scorpions have a long gestation period ranging from several months, up to a year and a half. They are born live and are carried on their mother’s back until their first molt. The lifespan of Florida scorpions is between three and five years.

Tips for Preventing Florida Scorpions
The main food source of Florida scorpions is other pests. These include mosquitoes, ticks, spiders and rodents. This means that homes already experiencing pest problems are much more susceptible to the poisonous presence of Florida scorpions.

Florida Scorpion Mating Dance

Florida Scorpion Mating Dance

Florida Scorpion With Babies

Florida Scorpion With Babies

Florida Scorpions In Bedsheets

Scorpions Often Found in Bedsheets

The best method of preventing Florida scorpions is to keep your home free of all other Florida pests. Regularly inspect dark and humid areas of the home, and be sure to always check inside shoes before putting them on. For the most effective control against these dangerous predators, contact a Florida pest control professional immediately!

How to Control Florida Scorpions
The most effective way to combat Florida scorpions is with the professional service of Suncoast Pest Control. If you have noticed Florida scorpions where you are, Suncoast Pest Control can rid them from your home or business for good!

Schedule a systematic scorpion inspection from Suncoast Pest Control and we will carefully asses your home or business to identify and address areas prone to Florida scorpions!

Call us to manage Florida scorpions in your home today! 1-800-270-3086

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