Florida Tick

Florida Tick

Florida Tick

There are numerous species of Florida Ticks, and contrary to popular belief, most never bother humans or pets. However, there are a select few who terrorize the homes and pets of millions of Americans each year. Although the only way to ensure your home is Florida Tick free is with a pest control professional, education is a key tool in safeguarding one's home.

About the Florida Tick
Despite the common conception of the Florida tick as an insect, this parasite is actually more closely related to the spider or mite. Two families of ticks exist in Florida that can be troublesome to homeowners and pets. These two families are commonly referred to as brown dog ticks and American dog ticks. Both of these types of Florida Dog Ticks are members of the Ixodidae, or hard ticks.

Hard ticks are obligate parasites, requiring a blood meal once in each stage - larva, nymph and adult. This Florida tick prefers small to medium sized animals, including deers, dogs, rats and humans.

Behavior of the Florida Tick
The adult female Florida tick can lay up to 3,000 eggs after engorging on a blood meal. These eggs are often found in inconspicuous or difficult to reach places such as the roofs of kennels, high on walls, or on the ceilings of buildings. In homes, eggs can be found around baseboards, windows, curtains and the edges of rugs. Eggs hatch in 19 to 60 days, and produce an extremely small six-legged seed tick. The Florida tick must complete three blood meals with three stages of molting in order to develop in to an eight-legged adult.

Removing the Florida Tick
The Florida tick should be removed from pets and humans as soon as it is noticed. However, it must be removed with caution! If the Florida tick is broken, the mouth parts left in the skin may become infected or transmit disease. A latched tick must be firmly removed with tweezers where the mouth parts enter the skin. A small amount of skin should be attached to the mouth parts after the tick is removed.

Florida Tick Biting

Florida Tick Biting

Florida Tick with Eggs

Florida Tick with Eggs

Florida Ticks on a Dime

Florida Ticks on a Dime

What to Do When Encountering a Florida Tick Infestation
Suncoast pest control will carefully inspect your home, searching for all possible nests.

The most effective way to combat the Florida tick is with an inspection by Suncoast Pest Control. If you suspect that your home or property has been invaded, call Suncoast immediately and we will quickly rid your home of any Florida tick infestation.

Schedule a meticulous inspection from Suncoast Pest Control and we will keep your home Florida tick free!

Call us immediately before it is too late! 1-800-270-3086

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