How is Suncoast Pest Control handling the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Our number one priority at Suncoast Pest Control is keeping you and our team safe. The well-being of our employers and customers is paramount. We working preemptively to ensure that we can continue to provide our essential services to protect your family and home safely and without interruption.

Suncoast Pest Control is well-aware that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the landscape for pest control companies and how they can interact with customers. We are taking many extra precautions during this time:

  • Our team is equipped, trained and certified with PPE (personal protective equipment), including masks, disposable gloves, and shoe covers
  • All of our office workspaces, field equipment and vehicles are being thoroughly sanitized each day
  • Any shared surfaces (hands, cell phones, tablets, etc.) are promptly cleaned with sanitizing wipes
  • Employees have been instructed to notify supervisors if they feel even minorly ill, and to stay home if so

In many cases, our services can be completed outside your home, without entry or human contact. If entry to your home is required or requested, we will do so with severely limited human contact. We ask that you alert us if anyone in your home is ill with viral symptoms or quarantined, so that we can avoid any person-to-person contact. We'll still be friendly, but will unfortunately have to forego hand shakes, high fives, and fist bumps for now!

Most importantly, Suncoast Pest Control is continuing to monitor developments regarding the virus. We are following CDC and WHO Guidelines, and keeping up to date with local and federal authorities. We know that your families’ safety and feeling comfortable in your home is more important now than ever. Pest activity doesn’t stop during this time, and neither will we.

Why should I think about Pest Control during this time?

Pest control professionals play a vital role in protecting our communities' health and food supply. Pests can spread disease and trigger allergic reactions, and stinging insects send people to the emergency room every year. As an industry critical to essential infrastructre, Suncoast Pest Control knows that we cannot afford to have our medical facilities, stores, and homes uninhabitable due to pest outbreak and pest-related diseases.


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