Free Rat Inspection from Suncoast Pest Control

Rats are a fact of life here in Florida. The climate is ideal here, and the abundance of fruit trees means there’s always a steady food source. A single pair of rats has the potential to produce 15,000 offspring in a single year. Rats are active year round in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, Naples and throughout the state of Florida.

In Florida, rats aren’t simply a nuisance. They carry health risks, spread diseases, damage property and aggressive rats can even bite children. With offices and professionals throughout Florida, Suncoast Pest Control understands the problems rats can cause, and we professionally eliminate them from your home or business.

If you hear scratching sounds coming from your walls or attics; see rat droppings around your yard or house; or see damage caused by gnawing rodent teeth, then you may have a rat problem. Call the experts at Suncoast Pest Control at (800) 270-3086 – we’ll provide a free rat inspection, and a free quote to eradicate your rat problem.

Quick Rat Facts

  • There are over 50 different rat species
  • Rats can reproduce at 3 months old
  • Rat’s teeth never stop growing
  • Rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter


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