Cobwebs are a sign that your home is in need of far more than just a bit of housecleaning. And where there are cobwebs there are sure to be spiders. Spiders are arachnids that include all species of spiders from daddy long-legs and wolf spiders, to the notorious, potentially dangerous brown recluse and black widow spiders.

Florida’s climate is the perfect breeding ground for spiders and other arachnids such as spider mites and ticks. Spider infestations are common from Tampa to Miami, from Naples to St. Petersburg and everywhere in between. Spiders enter homes through cracks, crevices; open doors and windows in search of prey—other pests—that have entered your home searching for food and water. Although spiders may be found anywhere in your home, for this reason, they are often found in bathrooms, attics and kitchens.

Keep you and your family safe by eliminating spiders and other pests by calling the experts at Suncoast Pest Control. Whether you’re in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Miami or Naples, the professionals at Suncoast Pest Control will treat your home with spider control solutions to eliminate spiders and give you and your family peace of mind. Call now to schedule treatment and a no-obligation consultation.

Spiders love to dine on bugs so it is good practice to keep your home free of other pests by calling Suncoast Pest Control at 800-270-3086 for a free consultation.

Arachnophobia? Consider This:

  • All spiders are venomous
  • Although rare, spider bites can be fatal
  • There are over 45,00 spider species
  • Spiders can live up to 25 years
  • Spiders have been around over 100 million years
  • Spiders may not be affected by common pest sprays



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